Your target audience, the market you want to penetrate needs to know about you. We help you getting in front of the right people at the right time. Locally, nationally and internationally - ultimately, it is up to you and at what stage your business is.
You don’t just want your potential customers to see you. You want to leave them with something that makes them think. Think of your business. Your mission is to have them have the reflex once they experience the pain-point you are solving to immediately think “Oh, I know who to talk to…” - and that’s you and your business.
Having people think of you is only half the way. You want your audience to reach out to you! You don’t want to continue down the road of cold-calling, cold-emailing people. With our framework, people are reaching out to you. Fully automated. Your sales team will see a massive increase in productivity - and you will see your business take off, grow and generate more revenue!
Once they had an amazing experience working with a professional like yourself, your customers will amplify your business. They will become your raving fans and thus will talk to their friends and family about your business - even to their broader network. However, that’s only the case if they actually care. Your mission: don’t let them forget about you!

Since we want you to succeed, here’s the whole framework we use in order to make your prospects become your customers turned into raving fans.


About us

Ratio, as part of GECKO Group, is the digital marketing department focusing their efforts on your digital positioning, communication and advertising goals. Ratio is extending the service offering of Gecko Creative Agency which focuses on your web presence, stationary needs and print communications.

Our amazing team has a combined 25 years of experience in digital marketing and business. Our department is always looking for talent.
If you are passionate, creative and motivated, don't hesitate to send us your application!