Digital Marketing Consulting

Developing a consistent digital communication and marketing policy is a difficult task with multiple layers and facettes. Your investment shall generate returns, brand and monetary wise. People’s awareness of your company is at stake!

We put our know-how and expertise at work for you. From auditing, to a clear strategy that paves the way based on research and analysis to achieve your mid- and long-term goals in accordance to your plans for the future!


Social Advertising

We don't want to say that traditional advertising is dead, but social ads offer a lot of advantages. By defining exact target groups, our ads are played out precisely. Furthermore, by constantly monitoring your ads, we can always make small changes and adapt the design or text.

Most importantly, social ads are measurable, so we can track exactly how many users we are targeting and how we can adjust our online strategy.


Social Media Management

An organic social media strategy helps you to create a relationship with your customers and establish your brand presence. In fact organic social media complements advertising - Customers expect to see more relevant content on your page after seeing a Social Media ad.

Keep in mind that consumers research a business on the internet - including its social media profiles - before buying. Make sure that you make a positive first impression to gain the trust of potential customers. We know that you don't have time for that but we know exactly how to help you out!

As Ratio is a part of the Gecko Group, we bring full 360° Services & Solutions Digital Communication.



Our brand strategy is to effectively help our clients differentiate themselves from their competitors. We want consistency in the marketing communication of the client's DNA, and we want to create a strong and positive perception of their products or services.

That's why our team of graphic designers is at their entire devotion to create or develop their entire universe around their brand: logo, design, graphic charter, mission statement, print media...


Web Development

As in our branding strategy, we want to help our clients reach their full potential in their marketing communication. A website is not only about attracting attention, but also about attracting and engaging the user by communicating brand and making products and services known.

Our highly creative and experienced team not only offers a wide range of services: complete & customized websites, extranet & intranet, e-commerce websites, native and hybrid applications for mobiles and tablets, and many other services…, but above all to make sure that website ranks high in search engines and to offer the best possible experience to users.


Print management

At Gecko Group, we are convinced that digitalization is growing and necessary in a constantly changing world. But we are also convinced that paper communication will not disappear and will remain unavoidable in communication. That's why we want to combine the world of digital and paper to reach your targets and create dynamic campaigns.

Our "Print Management" service is the complete answer to all your printing needs: from business cards to flyers and brochures, including stationery, annual reports, magazines, and catalogs...